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Hi5 social networking software is using Google+ to help its clients create more targeted ads on social networks.

The social network said it was developing a tool to help it track where users are spending time and how often they visit its website.

“We have worked closely with Google to provide the right tools to the right people, so we are able to deliver the right results to our clients, including those who have limited budgets and can’t afford Google+,” said Patrick Dolan, chief marketing officer for Hi5.

“This partnership with Google is a fantastic example of Hi5’s commitment to delivering the best social marketing solutions to our customers.”

Hi5’s ad platform is a web-based version of the Google+ website.

The company uses Google+ as its ad network and uses Google Analytics to gather data and analyse what people are doing on its website and on other websites.

Hi5 said it is now in talks with social networks to develop a platform to help them connect with customers in a more targeted way.

“Google+ has always been a very flexible platform, allowing for users to connect with their friends, family, and co-workers on the platform and even to build up an existing social network of their own,” said Mr Dolan.

“In the coming weeks we are looking to develop new advertising solutions for these networks to help increase engagement and retention for their clients.”

Google+ is a digital network that allows users to post images and text on the site.”

The Hi5 platform will be a key part of our strategy for the future, and we will continue to work closely with our clients to ensure they can achieve success.”

Google+ is a digital network that allows users to post images and text on the site.

Its search bar lets users search for a particular keyword, or search for specific photos and videos.

In the past, Hi5 has worked closely on other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The Hi 5 platform has a large following and has been used by other firms in the advertising and marketing space, such as IBM, and Google, among others.

The platform is used by more than 6 million users worldwide.

Hi 5 is owned by US tech giant Cisco Systems, which was acquired by Google last year.

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