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The Somali social media platform Somali Social Network documentary tells the story of how a Somalis family in Kenya was forced to move out of their home after their Facebook profile was hacked and exposed online.

“I have a picture of my daughter with my face on a wall in my home,” says one family member who gave his name only as Fotam.

“They took my picture and took away my Facebook account.”

Fotamp’s mother is also in jail, accused of conspiring to create the false Facebook profile.

Fotamin says he is fighting for her release, saying he is in prison because he doesn’t want her to be forced to leave his home.

His family members are all in jail and are now facing charges.

Fotiam is in a hospital in Kenya, with a broken leg and another leg in a cast.

“My leg has been broken a couple of times, so my wife has to help me out and take care of me,” Fotim said.

Fottam’s father is now in jail as well, accused by prosecutors of helping to build the fake Facebook profile for Fotamina, but he has not been charged with a crime.

Somalis in Kenya are facing widespread social media censorship, and many are being forced to use fake accounts to spread the news.

The new documentary examines how Somalis are forced to conceal their identities online.

In April, the Kenya government announced a crackdown on the spread of false social media profiles, including fake accounts of people with suspected links to terrorist groups.

The announcement was part of a wider effort to crack down on terrorism.

Kenya is home to more than 60,000 Somalis, making it the third-largest ethnic minority in the country.

In March, the government arrested and jailed more than 50 Somalis for spreading false information online.

Somaliland’s government has been working to curb the spread and suppression of the Somali media, and the government has launched a social media monitoring system that will allow it to monitor the spread on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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