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Facebook is launching an API that developers can use to help them develop apps with its social network.

The announcement on Thursday comes a day after Facebook unveiled a set of new tools that allow developers to build mobile apps for Facebook Messenger and its competitor, WhatsApp.

The new API is available to developers for free.

The API allows developers to write apps that leverage Facebook’s Messenger API to interact with users, collect data, and share content with other users.

The Facebook API is designed to let developers build apps that interact with Facebook, like Messenger, but also other Facebook apps, like Facebook Camera, that run on a different platform.

The new Facebook Messenger API is open to developers and will be used by all of Facebook’s apps on iOS and Android, Facebook said in a blog post.

Developers can use the new API to build apps for Messenger and WhatsApp, which are built in a similar way, Facebook explained.

Developers can use Facebook’s native Messenger app for iOS and the Messenger app on Android, or developers can write apps to interact directly with Facebook.

Facebook says the API also lets developers create mobile apps that are compatible with Facebook’s other apps.

Facebook said developers can build apps using the new Messenger API in three different ways: using a standard Facebook API client, a built-in Facebook app, or a custom app.

Developers are not required to have a Facebook account to use the Messenger API.

Developing apps for the new Facebook API requires a minimum of one person working on the app, Facebook noted.

Developers must build apps on both the Facebook and WhatsApp platforms.

Developed apps must also be compatible with Messenger.

Facebook is currently using the Messenger APIs to make it easier for developers to publish apps that can be used with Facebook Messenger.

The company recently announced that it was working with developers to make its own native mobile Messenger app.

Facebook also recently announced plans to release its own mobile app for mobile phone operators, which will be free.

Facebook is also rolling out an SDK for developers.

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