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People can be fooled by fake news and viral videos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, according to a new report from security company Kaspersky.

The report claims that users can easily be tricked by a range of malicious apps, and it warns that the biggest danger comes from apps that use a fake name or are designed to trick users into clicking on links.

Kaspersk’s findings suggest that people are also at risk when they use social media to promote products that do not contain verified information, such as the new Star Wars game from Disney Interactive, which uses the name “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”.

This is not the first time that Kasperskin has highlighted the potential for the sale of fake news.

In January 2016, the security firm warned that fake news could be “sustained in the wild for months or even years” because it can be passed around without being seen.

The threat of fake content is particularly relevant to the rise of the social network and apps, which are becoming increasingly popular.

While some people have a tendency to click on links to fake news, there is no guarantee that they will see anything.

KASSIEK: The most common way for fake content to appear is by a malicious app, like Star Wars.

The most prevalent apps for sharing content, such that they’re easy to find, are also the most popular, as well as being popular with younger audiences, are popular on Facebook and YouTube.

We’re seeing a lot of social media users are using apps that are designed with the intent to trick people into clicking links, but also the intent of deceiving them, KASSYKA: The report says that this is especially true for people who are trying to share content and not to show it in a way that they know will cause people to click.

For example, a user could click on a link to see the product description or purchase details, and not be able to see anything but the word “StarWars”.

In the end, the app could trick users with a link that says “I’m going to see what’s on the next episode, and I’ll get the free game”.

The KASSI report also points to the “Star wars” app, which is one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

It was used in over 200 million Facebook posts and more than a billion tweets in 2016, according an analysis by Kasperski.

This app appears to have been designed to mislead users by offering a list of “Star” toys, which can be bought at the App Store or Amazon.

It even lists some “Star toys” that users will not be likely to use.

It could be argued that this app has a legitimate purpose, but the problem with that is that the app itself is not verified by Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and there are a number of other reasons why it would not be trustworthy.

KASHESKY: The app was used on a lot more Facebook posts than the Star Wars app, but it was also used on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, according to the KASSIA report.

This indicates that Facebook is a big player in the social sharing space, and that the fake Star Wars apps are likely to be used by a large proportion of users, rather than a small proportion.

KAPELSKY: The “Star Trek” app was also mentioned in the report.

The app offers toys to buy on Amazon, and also has a list for “Star toy” categories, but there are no verified reviews or images.

The KASP report also shows that people were also using this app on Instagram, which it says is one the most visited apps on Instagram.

The same app is also used by the BBC, which has a number that show up in its “Follow” section.

KESSELSK: Instagram users were also the first to use the app to share photos.

This was not surprising, as this is where a lot social media activity takes place, and where there are images of people in front of the camera, as opposed to a video.

It also shows up in the Instagram video playlist, where users can watch videos, photos, and videos of their friends.

The Instagram app is used by almost every popular app in the app store, and many of them also appear in the “Follow”.

The most popular apps in Instagram are the ones that show images of other users in the same location.

These include Google+, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories.

KASPIK: Instagram also has the most active groups, which have millions of followers and are also active on Google+.

These groups are popular for sharing news and photos.

These groups also include people who post about sports and other events.

The group of people most likely to share these photos is people who live in the US, according Kaspersko.

People who live outside of the US might also see a lot in terms of the Instagram app and its popularity.

KACK: Kasperskov

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