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Cambodia’s national team, the National Team, are preparing for the 2019 World Cup, with a plan to recruit a lot of top-class players from around the world.

A team of players from the UK, US, Australia and Germany have been training in the capital, Siem Reap, with an eye to making the final two. 

 The first training session for the new team was held on February 26, 2019.

The players were split into groups of three, with each group having eight players. 

  The team started with a friendly against the USA at a stadium built on a former oil platform.

The Americans scored twice in the first half. 

    After a few minutes of training, the team left the pitch to go and practise with the other players.

The second group went to the stadium to play a friendlies against Germany, the third group went home to visit their families. 

The players had to work hard to maintain a good physical condition.

They had to be flexible and able to adjust their training schedule to suit their individual needs. 

The players are used to travelling in groups of eight.

The first group travelled to the US for training.

The last group travelled from Australia to South Korea.

The training was a combination of physical training, team work and social skills. 

 After the game against Germany was over, the players went back to their hotel to prepare for the next one. 

In order to make the World Cup as realistic as possible, the squad had to take part in various tests.

The team was given four days to pass the tests and then another four days of testing to pass all the tests again. 

To help them with the training, players wore special uniforms made out of specially made rubber boots that are specially made for football training. 

All of the players wore red and blue shirts that had a gold stripe on the side of the jersey. 

One of the most difficult tests was the one called the “Madden Test”.

This test involved the players running 100m with a ball on their feet.

The ball was thrown into the air by a player wearing a white mask. 

At the end of the test, the player wearing the mask had to make a decision whether he or she wanted to pass or not. 

“There was a big difference between the players that went through the training and the ones that didn’t,” said goalkeeper Joo Hee-Joon. 

During the tests, players would receive a “bad” or “good” score.

The player with the “bad score” had to wait for a second chance to pass.

If they didn’t, the bad score was removed from the results of the training.

The final test was called the ‘Wimpy Test’.

It involved a ball being thrown into a small box.

A person wearing a red shirt with a white stripe was tasked with catching the ball. 

After completing the tests the team was sent home.

“We had to return to our hotel and take a nap.

There was no sleep for three weeks,” said the goalkeeper. 

It was the first training camp for the players since they had been named to the World Soccer Cup squad in 2019. 

What’s next for the team? 

“We are going to go home to our families and we will start our training with our next team.

It is very important for us to stay focused.

We will focus on the training sessions and on our performances,” said HeeJoon, who has played for the national team since 2011. 

Do you know any other countries that train with football teams? 

Check out this article from the Sport Bible about football training in Australia and New Zealand. 

For more sports content, visit the Sport-A-Porter website.

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