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The social media giant has announced that it is adding an API for developers to use to build custom bots that can be used to track users on social networks.

Social networking gD is the social media app’s first product that uses the API to collect and process social media data and monetize social media content.

The app will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The API will also allow developers to build customized bot experiences.

The platform will allow users to upload and view content that is owned by social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

Developers will be able to use the API’s customization capabilities to build bot experiences that include custom messages, actions, and profiles.

The API, which will launch in the coming months, is not available to users in the United States.

However, users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden will be eligible to access the API.

Users in these countries will be given access to a limited set of apps that include bots and chatbots, according to the company.

Users will be prompted to enter their social network ID and password at registration.

The developer will then send the developer’s own login credentials to the app.

Once the user has entered their credentials, the app will automatically add the user to its “followers” list.

If a user shares a post or comments on a user’s post, the bot will automatically respond to the post.

Users will also receive a notification when a follower requests their post, which can be shared on their social media profiles.

Users can create bot accounts with a minimum of three users and a maximum of 100 followers.

Developers can also create bots for private groups and groups of their own.

The platform will also feature a bot-tagging feature that can display a bot’s avatar and other details to users.

Social networks have been increasing their efforts to collect data on users and collect more personal information from users.

Social network tokens, which allow users access to information about their posts and social profiles, have become popular in recent years due to their use in ads and marketing campaigns.

Social media giants have struggled to keep up with these trends, as users increasingly prefer to share personal information in lieu of ads and other digital marketing activities.

Facebook and Twitter have made strides to build out user-friendly platforms for users to share content, but many have been slow to embrace the opportunity to monetise their content through their platforms.

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