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A Washington woman who discovered faggotface on her social network soon had a lot to learn about her own sexuality.

Tessa Kiley, a 34-year-old single mom, found the faggots’ forum in October 2016, shortly after her divorce from husband Michael Kiley.

The subreddit, which Kiley said she was a regular user of for many years, contained more than 1,200 posts about sex, relationships and other sexual topics.

She said she eventually started looking for out-of-the-box answers to her questions about her sexual orientation.

Kiley said in an interview that she was never sexually attracted to fags, even though she knew that “everybody knew about them.”

She said she didn’t feel like she fit in with other gay men who were openly gay and bisexual, and her friends often referred to her as a faggott.

She felt she was more comfortable being out and having casual sex with other men, she said.

When Kiley discovered fags in September, she took them to task on her own social network forum.

One fag posted a screenshot of a message Kiley had posted in August 2016 on the fag community’s Facebook page, saying that “we don’t have a gay sub-forum for fags” and that she would “need a place to discuss it.”

Kiley called it a “poor attempt at humor.”

Kiley had her questions answered on the subreddit, where fags are expected to act as moderators.

It wasn’t until late last year that the subreddit’s moderators made an effort to get rid of the forum and remove fags.

Kitchis father, who is a registered nurse, called the subreddit “a disgrace,” and she said she is still shocked by the forum’s removal.

“I have zero idea what this is about, or why I feel compelled to go out on a limb and say that it is not okay,” Kiley told The Washington Post.

“I have absolutely no idea why fags feel comfortable with this community.

I don’t even know why fagdom is a subculture.”

Kitchys family and friends who regularly interact on the forum also are upset, she added.

She added that fags have historically been an oppressed group, and that they are being forced to live in a culture that is more homophobic and exclusionary.

“My community is not inclusive, and this is what we are left with,” she said in a Facebook post.

Kikaylee said she found her first faggothous after watching a documentary about the history of fag society called “What Makes Us So Great.”

The film, titled “A Place Where We Can Love and Be True,” was based on a 2016 documentary called “The Pink Panther,” in which a gay black man explains why he thinks he is a “fag.”

“There are a lot of people who were in the community who are still in it, and it is a sad place to be in,” she told The Post.

She also noted that “there are a couple of gay men and there are a handful of straight men who identify as gay.”

Kikaya said she had heard that fag culture has a “history of being a misogynistic, homophobic, racist and anti-woman” culture, but she believes the history is different for fag males than for other LGBT people.

“If you look at the history that I’m trying to write about, it’s all about men being in control of women,” she explained.

“They’ve been controlling the culture for a very long time, and now that they have a way to have control over women, they’re not going to change that.”

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