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On Wednesday, a number of users on Twitter were posting videos that had been deleted from the social network and which were allegedly created by trolls using the fake names of the popular actor Shah Rukh Khan.

In one of the videos, a woman is shown being assaulted by a mob and being dragged to a truck, while a man, in another video, is shown beating a man with a stick.

In another video posted by user ‘sajith’, a woman named Saira is seen being raped.

The videos were deleted by Twitter on Wednesday night, but were spotted by a number users on the social networking site.

In an earlier video, Sairam was shown being attacked by a man in an alley.

The videos were uploaded by the user ‘shah Rukh’, and appeared to show a woman being sexually assaulted by two men.

While one of them is seen repeatedly hitting her with a baton and pushing her against a wall, the other one, ‘sarah’ is shown repeatedly punching and kicking her in the head.

“The videos are clearly fake, and no one would have thought that it could be used to commit crimes against women,” said Praveen Swaminathan, a lawyer and human rights activist.

“It is also extremely alarming to see how these videos are being shared and shared in ways that would have caused a shock to many people.”

In a Facebook post, Twitter claimed that the video of Sairan’s rape had been removed because it “violated our community guidelines and the law”, adding that it was “reviewing our processes to identify and remove videos that are inappropriate, illegal, offensive, or contain any violation of our Community Guidelines and the Law”.

Twitter has already removed several videos and accounts for using fake identities, including for the actor himself.

The company also announced that it had been investigating the content of the accounts, including those for actor Shailaja Kapoor and former Bollywood actor Gauri Lankesh.

The Indian police have also said that the videos of the rape were not reported to them, and that the accused, identified as Shah Rukhe, is not a suspect in the case.

“We have identified a number people who have been using fake names to post fake videos, and have contacted them,” a spokesperson for the local police station told The Times Of India on Wednesday.

“The police will be investigating these videos, as well as the real victims.”

In January, India saw a string of online attacks against female celebrities, who were allegedly assaulted in public or harassed in the country’s biggest cities, particularly in New Delhi and Mumbai.

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