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Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. are hoping to make sharing photos from their apps a lot easier.

The social network giants announced Thursday they have joined forces to develop tools that can let users share photos from Instagram and Snapchat, and they are working with photo sharing platforms like Photo-sharing platform Photo-Share and photo sharing website PhotoBucket to develop a set of new photo sharing apps.

“We are excited to work with Photo-share and Photo-Bucket,” said Ryan Seager, Facebook’s head of product strategy.

Photo-sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram have long struggled to keep up with the growing demand for their photos and video.

But they are finding a growing appetite for photos and videos as they fight off copycats like Snapchat.

Photo- sharing platforms are often used by parents to share their children’s photos to friends and family.

Photo sharing is increasingly being used as a way to share photos, videos and videos with family and friends.

“When people share their images, it’s a real opportunity to show them who they are, what their story is and show them the love they feel from their friends and the people who are connected to them,” said Jason Farrow, the chief operating officer of PhotoBuck.

“These new tools will help people share more with their friends, family and colleagues,” he added.

The Facebook-Twitter partnership is part of a broader effort to help make sharing images and videos easier for users.

Last month, Facebook and Twitter unveiled the Photo Sharing App, a tool that lets users share pictures from their Instagram and Facebook pages.

They are working on other photo sharing tools for Twitter and Facebook, too.

The Photo Sharing Apps could help Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants compete with Snapchat, which has built up a large following among young users who are turning to photo sharing for sharing.

Snapchat has more than 17 million users, according to a report by The Wall St. Journal.

PhotoBucks new tool will be a part of an expansion of the Photo- Sharing App to include more tools for people to share and share more easily, Seager said.

Facebook is working on ways to expand the app into other parts of the world.

The Social Network In a statement, Facebook said it has invested $1 billion in the photo sharing platform PhotoBucker, which will allow users to quickly share and delete photos.

Facebook also has invested in the company PhotoBuddy, which allows users to share pictures with others from a number of photo sharing websites, including Flickr and Facebook.

The photo sharing app Photo-buddy is available for free for people who already have a Facebook account.

Facebook said in the statement that it expects the PhotoBuster app to be available by the end of the year.

PhotoBucker has already been used by celebrities and journalists to share personal photos.

In November, the company announced plans to allow users of the photo-sharing app to share up to 20 photos per day, and it is currently working with news outlets, entertainment companies and other organizations.

The new photo- sharing tools are a key part of the push by Facebook and other tech giants to turn their brands into platforms that users can use to connect with and share photos with their online communities.

Facebook’s recent IPO and its acquisition of Instagram last year marked a major step toward building a global photo sharing network.

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