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Google and Facebook announced they will merge their social networks into a single giant online community known as a “decentra social network”.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Facebook announced it would buy Instagram for $1.5bn, a deal that was backed by investors including Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The move to merge the social networks will be the biggest disruption to Facebook’s dominant online presence, but it will also be the most disruptive to its users.

Facebook has had a monopoly on the use of its site for more than a decade, with its users sharing content, sending and receiving photos, and posting videos.

It has also been a leader in advertising and has long had a dominant presence on search.

But the company has also faced a growing number of competition from new social networks, such as LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter.

This week, Google announced it was buying Instagram for a reported $1bn.

While the news was not exactly news, it was a major blow to the social networking giant.

“While we are proud of Instagram’s community of more than 1bn monthly active users, it is important to recognize that Instagram’s revenue streams are more focused on advertising than community,” the companies said in a joint statement.

The news comes after a string of setbacks for the social network.

In January, the company announced that its ads revenue had fallen off a cliff.

A week later, it said it was considering a “strategy” to “replace advertising revenue with advertising services” in an effort to help it compete with Twitter.

In the wake of the news, social networking users have been clamouring for a replacement to Instagram.

Many have called for the company to merge its social networks.

The new Facebook-owned platform will allow users to share photos, posts and videos directly with each other.

Users will also have access to the site’s search engine, allowing them to look up things like music, movies and more.

But it is unclear how Facebook will compete with rival social networks such as Snapchat, which has millions of users but which has also seen a decline in users.

Snapchat’s user base has fallen by more than half since January, according to data from data company ComScore.

The company has been heavily criticised for its poor user experience, which users have described as slow, slow, sluggish and downright frustrating.

Its search results were also notoriously bad, with users often having to refresh the page.

“It’s a very good thing for Facebook that it’s gone and gotten rid of Instagram,” said Mark Gartenberg, a professor of management at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

“But it’s a terrible thing for the business of social media.”

Mr Gartenburg said Facebook had “made an extremely poor investment” in its social network and should have been more focused.

“They should have done it years ago,” he said.

But Mr Gertenberg added that it was not the end of the world for Facebook, given the fact that it could continue to expand.

“I think it’s more than possible they could have got some other way to get the user base,” he told the BBC.

Facebook’s biggest rival, Twitter, is also considering a bid to merge with the company, according a report by The Wall Street Journal. “

Facebook has built its business on being able to compete with any social network.”

Facebook’s biggest rival, Twitter, is also considering a bid to merge with the company, according a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently admitted that he had no idea if the company could ever compete with Facebook.

Twitter recently announced that it would build a new search engine called “trending” that would compete with Google’s AdSense network.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been working to revamp its advertising business, and is also reportedly considering a $3bn merger with rival ad network NextEra.

Google said in January that it had begun exploring the possibility of acquiring the company.

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