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Twitter has been around for decades, but it’s now facing a major challenge: how to grow its user base.

The social media giant is in the midst of a major transition, with new CEO Jack Dorsey calling for a more diverse workforce and a more personalized experience for users.

On Wednesday, the company unveiled the first major update to its platform since Dorsey took over.

The changes are expected to add more than 150 million Twitter users, a new feature called the Twitter for Everyone app, and a revamped news feed.

Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.

The first major change The Twitter for All app will allow users to see more of the news feed and other information they need to understand the latest trending topics.

Users will be able to see links to news stories from the site’s news section, as well as news about other topics that have caught their attention.

Twitter is also introducing a new way to view the newsfeed.

Instead of using a new widget to find the latest news, users will be asked to swipe left or right on the screen to see the current news.

Twitter will also include new tools to help users find the stories they want to read.

The new newsfeed is one of several updates to the social network.

The other major change is a new “feed for everyone” feature that allows users to join a new social network or join a favorite one.

Users can now sign up for a Twitter for Everybody app that allows them to see all the stories that users have subscribed to.

Twitter says the new feature will also allow users “to quickly find out what people are talking about, who is talking about them, and where they are talking.”

Users will also be able “to easily find news about specific topics they are interested in.”

This is in line with Dorsey’s call to “build a more engaging social media experience for everyone,” according to Twitter.

The company will also offer a “feeder” for people who want to keep up with the news but have no news subscriptions.

The Feed for Everyone feature is similar to what Twitter is currently offering to users who don’t subscribe to the service.

But the new features will also help users keep up to date on trending topics, which are currently being filtered by users based on what they post on social media.

The update comes as Twitter continues to face criticism from privacy groups and others who say the company is failing to respect users’ privacy.

Dorsey has previously expressed frustration that Twitter is still failing to address privacy concerns about how it collects users’ data.

In the new update, Twitter will begin to provide users with a more user-friendly interface that will help them to easily share content and create more interesting experiences for their followers.

Users won’t have to wait for a user account to have access to all their content and can start sharing now.

Twitter users can also create a Twitter account and “listen in” to other users who are connected to their own account.

The updates come in the wake of a backlash against the company in 2016, which prompted the company to launch a major overhaul.

The overhaul was designed to help Twitter build up a user base and get users engaged on the platform.

The change was also meant to address some of the concerns users have had about the company’s approach to user data.

Earlier this year, Twitter removed the ability to view a user’s location data and data on the user’s social media accounts.

The data was being collected to allow the platform to identify “high-value users,” the company said at the time.

Twitter has also had to make changes to how it uses its user data and has also faced criticism from regulators, including from the Federal Trade Commission.

Earlier in 2018, the FTC said Twitter had failed to comply with the commission’s privacy guidelines when it updated its privacy policies.

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