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When I tweeted “anti social media” in October, it wasn’t an official account.

The account was created by an anonymous user on an online forum, and was not associated with any official organizations or news organizations.

I’ve deleted that account since then, but that wasn’t the case for the “anti” part of the Twitter handle.

In the days since, I’ve seen people using that Twitter handle to call out various anti-social media groups, including one group calling itself “Citizen Media.”

The group, which I’ve never heard of, says it’s “the largest citizen media organization in the world.”

In addition to its Facebook and Instagram accounts, it has two Twitter accounts: one to organize the “International Solidarity Campaign for the Kurdish People,” and one to highlight anti-Kurdish tweets and posts from other people on Twitter.

The two Twitter handles are now deleted.

In my own case, I used that account to voice my anger at the lack of support for the Kurds, even though it was not a direct target of mine.

I did not want to have to explain myself to people, so I posted that account on Twitter a few days later and asked, “Is that an official Twitter account?”

Twitter told me that it had no way of knowing whether that account was linked to an official organization or news organization.

What I didn’t know is that it was linked directly to “Citizens Media,” which I can only assume is a fake name, or a Twitter account pretending to be a Twitter user.

The Twitter account is also a front for the anti-Muslim group “Sinao,” which calls itself a “social media network for Muslims” but has been accused of inciting violence against Kurds in Syria and Iraq.

A few months after I tweeted, the group began tweeting anti-Semitic and misogynist slurs, and one of its most recent tweets described a Kurdish woman as a “traitor” and a “slut.”

A representative of “Sinio” declined to comment for this story, but I received a call from one of the group’s members on Monday morning.

“You know, they’re fake,” he said, when I asked him about the group.

“We’ve been told that it’s a fake account.”

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