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Twitter users are split on the best stars on Twitter.

Here are the top 10.


#TwitterBaronessGillianBaronisGillian is the Twitter Baroness.

She’s a feminist, and a bit of a pop-culture nerd.

A bit of everything.

A feminist in the public eye is the new normal.


#DancingWife#DancingShe’s a pretty good dancer.

She has a ton of followers and is a bit more popular than most.

She is also a social media star.


#MyHobby is a really cool hobby.

It’s a fun way to get into the world of social media.

I am definitely a fan.


#TacoBaroniss#Taco Baroniss is a taco lover.

She loves the taco and the tacos are really tasty.

She also has a really nice Instagram and is also known for her Snapchat.


#MerryMerry#Merry Mandy is a singer/songwriter who likes singing, making music, and sharing her music with others.

She started out in her hometown of Detroit and has a great fanbase.


#Baroninox #Batoninox is the patron of the zoo in Boston, Massachusetts.

She works in the city’s zoo as a conservation and animal care manager and she’s got a ton to offer.


#Halloween#Halloween is the holiday that is celebrated by most Americans.

It is the perfect time to dress up as a ghost or witch or just have fun.


#EscapePlan#Escapeplan is the #Hollywood #Movie franchise.

It has become a hit, with a ton more films and television shows coming out each year.


#BigGretchen#Big Gretchen is a great business owner and is known for being a very positive and helpful person.

She hosts her own TV show and is one of the funniest people on Twitter right now.


#KaraKara is a super-popular actress and singer who is known on Twitter as #KARA.

She recently starred in the film #Supergirl.

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