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In January, Facebook announced it would begin allowing the creation of new social profiles.

The new feature, known as “following,” allows people to post and “like” friends who are “likeable” but not actually related to each other.

While this may seem like a new addition to Facebook, it was already part of the company’s existing “likes” feature, which was introduced in 2015.

While the “follow” feature will only be available for a limited number of friends, Facebook’s chief financial officer Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post that it will “enable millions of people to share and connect with likeable people around the world.”

Sandberg also promised that Facebook would expand “liking” to “like a friend,” adding that “liked” would be “the default experience for liking.”

But Facebook’s new “follow friends” feature may have been designed to create new “loves” in the eyes of users.

“People can like people they don’t know and like them for the first time.

This is the first step to creating genuine love and connection,” Sandberg wrote.

“But it’s not going to happen without a lot of work.”

This isn’t the first “followed” feature Facebook has introduced.

In February, the company launched a “follow friend” feature that allowed users to post “loved” posts to friends and then “like” those posts.

But it was initially limited to a few hundred people, while Facebook said it will expand the feature to over 100 million people by the end of 2020.

Facebook’s initial follow-likes feature was designed to make it easier for people to “follow people they like,” but it was ultimately limited to only a small number of users, including those who were friends with people they did not already know.

The “love” feature is not limited to the “liker” feature; it will also allow users to “liven up” a friend’s profile with new photos or comments.

While it will allow users “to be the star of your life,” Facebook is still experimenting with the new “like friends” “lover” feature.

Facebook says that “you can also follow someone’s friend’s photo with a simple tap,” but that this feature is currently not available for all users.

The social network is also experimenting with a “lend your heart” feature to connect people with their “lucky numbers,” a term that refers to the number of people in a social network who are close to you.

But Facebook also announced that it was “trying to make this easier to find people you love,” as well as offering a “list of your friends.”

These are all good things, but they’re not exactly what most users are looking for.

According to a survey by research firm Technomic, only 3% of users say that they “like people who like me, and about half say they like people who don’t like me.”

Facebook’s “llove” feature “is the first and most important thing we’re working on right now, but it’s a small thing that we’re trying to make more meaningful and interesting,” Sandbberg told TechCrunch.

Sandberg has also promised to continue to add new features to Facebook to make the “love” and “laid-back” experience even more compelling.

In the past, Facebook has also introduced “like-your-friends” features that let users “lose” friends to each others’ profiles.

This feature, called “lobster” or “loser” was also limited to just a few thousand people.

But Sandberg told Business Insider that Facebook is “working on” a “new” feature called “Lobster.”

“Loser” is “a great way to build a connection and connect to friends in your life, but you’re not really going to be able to connect with someone in a Lobster mode until you actually like them,” Sandburg said.

“You’re not going have ‘liked’ or ‘loved’ as the default way of being connected to people.

Loved and liked aren’t really good ways of getting to know people.

Like-Your-Friends is a new way to connect.”

The new “LOBSTER” feature also offers a way for users to share photos with their friends, but there are some restrictions.

Users cannot post photos of their “friends,” and they cannot “locate” their friends.

“Liked” can only be used for two purposes: to “show your support” for someone else, or “show them a special status update.”

“Like-Your,Like,” on the other hand, can be used to show your support for someone or a group of people.

The goal, according to Sandberg, is to create a “more real and meaningful way of interacting with people.”

While the new feature is designed to help

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